Children's Versions

Amser Studios originals with a fun, rhythmic twist that's appropriate for all ages.

Fin, a Children's Story

Fin's a girl with a mighty gift, for she can travel through space and time.

Unbeknownst to her, when her mind locks up, her spirit can travel just fine!

At first it was a carnival, fun and pure, but after a while there came danger, too.

The shadows attacked, and away she ran, to the safest place she knew.

Locked away in a train, the inside grew larger, like a whole new world within.

Inside, she did wander, till the space required a swim!

Breaking the surface, she found some air, but blink- the moment was gone.

Fin then wandered around, from place to place, till eventually time had vanished.

Tick, tick, tick went the clock, but the second wouldn't pass, for Fin, the poor girl, was stuck!

A new room of secrets, a storm of fire and ice, and then an alien planet!?

Not knowing the dangers, Fin took a dive, and got swept away by the current.

So up she went, to the heaven's above, where there's a castle of awfully fine beauty!

That's when she awoke, alone in her tent, a fire not far from view.

And so again she fled, but her dreams weren't dead, they caught up after the moment had past.

And then down she fell, to the hells below, where fire burns cold and blue.

But still she had yet to find, that no matter the danger, the thrill, or the chase-

Time was always right there, right by her side, prepared to scare the nightmares away.

Robert Smith, A Children's Story

A nervous fellow,

Sits comfortably,

If only by his own design.

Robert's the name,

Disorder's to blame,

And perfection is the finish line.

Water, tight spaces, germs and more,

So much more...

Are all things Robert doesn't like.

So when he's dragged under the sea,

In a submarine, it seems,

His head stars spinning,

Chest starts pounding,

And eventually he's free.

Isaak, A Children's Story

Isaak was never as he seemed,

The scientist is a special sort of being.

Hair like chalk, eyes like ice,

It's like he's from a different world, entirely.

He learns as he goes,

Falls- BOOM- once or twice,

But never without cause,

For there's a shadow on his life.

Up, down, he gets turned around,

But what sort of villain is he?

If all he's seeing is mercy?

Alice, A Children's Story (Subscribe below to be one of the first notified when REFLECTION is released)

Wonderland takes her away,

Through a large tear in space.

Never again will she know the day,

Or see a familiar face.

It's got a hold of her, Alice,

It won't let go.

She needs to stay, to see,

To learn what it wants her to know.

The mushrooms are dead,

The fire burns red,

Same with the Queen's startling glow.

Alice, oh Alice, hurry-

Find your way home.