Amser Studios Timeline And Collections

Directly below you will find the Amser Studios, or "Amser Universe" timeline. Works not listed along this timeline are considered a part of the Amser "Timeless Collection"

Timeless Collection:

-Assembly of Planets (NOVELETTE SERIES)

When the lead council's best interests are brought into question, the Assembly votes to reconstruct the ten seats of council. In doing so, selected candidates are subjected to numerous trials of fate and justice. Jupiter, a self-denounced member of the original council, quickly finds herself an involuntary candidate and the single connection to a string of murders.

-Reflection (IN PRODUCTION- 5%)

-Prequel to Gateway- Through a puddle, Alice saw a boy. Through a mirror, she saw the entire universe. Adventuristic as she is, Alice decides to follow this sightless boy to the spaces without time. It's exciting to see what only a gifted few are capable of witnessing. It's terrifying to see what's not meant to exist.

-The Fallen Angels of Hell (COMPLETE)

Soul 547888842613 awakens to find himself in a holding cell of hell. After being released by his supposed tour guide and soul collector, Arma, he discovers an emptiness he can't quite shake. With the center of hell a freezing pit of fire, an intruder in the midst, and a soulmate MIA, the fallen angels of hell scurry to restore the balance.


Love can be a strange thing. Time can be even stranger. Combine the two with reincarnation and an impossible ending and you get the story of how the creator fell for an imperfect soul.

Lucifer's Symphony:

UNBELIEVE/New World Collection:


Experimental Collection:

-Movement One: The Lost Kingdom, Amaryllis (COMPLETE)

-Prequel to Movement Two- Fall back to the 1400's where kingdoms stand tall and witches hide within the shadows.  
Amaryllis, one of the great kingdoms of Southern Italy finds itself shaken by a Summer storm of heavy cloud and ice. And yet, at the edge of this phenomenon, a village is turned to ash by a sudden flash of fire across their homes and farmland.  
The king believes this to be an act of witchcraft, for the evil have summoned the devil.  
However, while Lucifer walks the earth, there is often another who attracts the attention of the kingdom.

-Movement Two

-Sequel to Movement One- -Prequel to Movement Three- Lucifer is determined to chase the creator until the end of time. The devil will stop at nothing to speak the words on it's tongue to he who refuses to hear them. Even if this requires becoming captive to a group of scientists with a somewhat similar goal.

-Movement Three

-Sequel to Movement Two- -Prequel to Movement Four- The devil has found it's creator. At last, the fallen angels will either seize control or die trying.

-Movement Four

-Sequel to Movement Three- It's time for this symphony to end.

-UNSCUTTLE (COMPLETE) Original: New World Special Edition: New World

-Prequel to Ruin World- Isaak Kazimir has big goals for the human race. He sees nothing but potential as he looks around- the world so full of strength and intelligence... He wants it for himself. He want to take the world... And he wants to turn it into what he believes true paradise to be.

-UNIDEATE (COMPLETE) Original: Ruin World

-Sequel to New World- -Prequel to Old World- Farren Maverick wants nothing more than to break through the walls of the New World. It's been all he's ever wanted since his grandfather first told him of the Old World land and sky. He needs to see this for himself, he believes. He needs to explore! He needs to dream! And above all else, he needs to live.

-UNBELIEVE (COMPLETE) Original: Old World

-Sequel to Ruin World- -Prequel to After World- 2059 brought on a nuclear war that would kill billions. 2060 created a brutal New World- a place where only the strongest could survive. 2096 sought out an end to the chaos carried on throughout years past. Follow Oliver Anders as he's tested by the New World and thrown into something much bigger than himself and his pacifistic morals... One might find even their deepest beliefs changing in the worst of times.

-UNINFINITE Original: After World

-Sequel to Old World- He doesn't understand how it's happened, but he's back. Kazimir is now a steady, haunting presence in Oliver's life, whether he's the only one who can see him or not. The crystal blue eyes of a mad man are going to bring Oliver to the edge if something can't be done about it.


-Sequel to Reflection- It wasn't until Alice returned home that she felt lost. Her friend was gone, and no matter how long she waited, he didn't appear to be returning. Without Alex's guidance, she becomes careless, comfortable. It doesn't take long for her to forget his warnings and fall into the hands of the monster between realms. The Gateway Realm, is where it takes her. A place designed to test the gifted and find the original. The original being the vision that was once taken from the monster of the Gateway, and given to one of the children gifted with this special sight.


X-Ren is a promising scientist. Her budget, however, could use a boost. Determined to show the world what she's made of, X-Ren turns to Amser University in search of funds. With this prestigious school backing her, nature, itself, will bow to her creations.

-After World Archive (SHORT STORY SERIES)

Aquaphobia, claustrophobia, mysophobia, OCD, and asthma are just the start of what ails Robert Smith, the man drafted to go down in history as the first After World Archivist. His mission? To document the findings of the first-ever After World battle submarine, the USS LUCE. Unfortunately, for Robert, this does require boarding the vessel.


The year is 2414. History has finally taken a turn for the better after not only the war of the New World, but numerous civil wars of the After World, as well. The records of mankind before the Great War are scarce. It's hard to paint a picture of what life used to be like, but they make due with what little still exists. No matter the level of peace as a whole, crime will never fade out. Murders in the After World, London, have taken a staggering rise in the matter of but two short weeks. There are no leads. At this point, Scotland Yard needs a miracle. It comes in the form of Hope, a borderline psychopathic ex-forensic analyst of Scotland Yard. An encrypted message guides Hope to the scene of the crime, forcing detectives Gregson and Lestrade to bring her in as their number one suspect. Of course Hope, aka William Sherlock Holmes Scott, is rather the victim of this Old World fiction copycat crime, as opposed to the perpetrator. Someone has taken to falsifying records, destroying careers, and killing innocent citizens to bring people with similar names and backgrounds as those of the Old World Sherlock Holmes stories together. Forced into this twisted game, Hope and Watson have no choice but to make sure this classic's rewrite doesn't end in their own demise.



Hope, Private Detective and Dr. John Hamish Watson are called into action on a case half way across the world - Memphis. The Baskervilles Science and Research Center has been marked for excavation, but when scientists and military officers alike enter the building, their souls are lost and bodies frozen. Hope believes this to be an act of science, Dr. Watson an act of hell, but neither dispute the reality that something is awry.


Tucker Cale is a time piece engineer with a complete disregard for time travel codes. Due to his ignorance, Tucker finds himself in a court room facing trial more often than not. In fact, if it weren't for Lium, Tucker's best friend and lawyer, he would undoubtedly have been executed for his crimes long ago. After checking in on a pre-war Hitler, Tucker faces a trial designed to put him at rest. Lium, however, catches wind of this rigged jury and does something both he and Tucker may wind up regretting... Run.


-Prequel to Amser- Since she was a child, Fin's been prone to epileptic attacks. When her body locks up, her mind drifts to another place. An amusement park, was how it first presented itself to her. Harmless, fun. But that's not what it was. If anything, this strange place is a labyrinth of dangers. And for whatever reasoning, it wants her to stay.


-Sequel to Fin- Time is on track and running full speed ahead. At least... up until the creator realizes that Time, itself, has been disregarding the “plan”. This betrayal creates a rift of doubt, followed by an onslaught of war between Time and it's creator.